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Christine has such a passion for supporting others in their loc journey!

It's great that she not only taught herself how to establish locs but also received training from a reputable company, which shows her dedication to the craft.

By starting her own training course, "NuLoxx® Training," Christine is passing on her knowledge and skills to others and helping them to become the best they can be. It's important to have mentors and teachers who can guide and inspire us along the way.

Understanding of the importance of locs and the energy they hold is also commendable. Locs are more than just a hairstyle, they are a symbol of culture, identity, and personal expression for many people. It's essential to treat them with care and respect.

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My Story

Like many of you, I too was eager to start my loc journey, but was uncertain which method to choose. I spent over a year researching each method before embarking on my own journey. Unfortunately, the path I initially chose did not work out and I experienced a deep sense of disappointment and frustration. The pain was so intense that it left me breathless and in tears.

As I turned my car around and headed back home, a friend reminded me that I had spent an entire year studying the interlocking method, and suggested that I try doing my hair myself. Taking their advice, I decided to do just that, and successfully achieved my desired results.

Prior to receiving formal training, I was privileged to establish my own locs and subsequently had the opportunity to establish locs for others who became my initial clients.  Formal training can provide you with the necessary tools and techniques to provide quality services to your clients and increase your credibility in the industry, so I set off to take and complete the Sisterlocks® course as well as the Interlocks course (as it was named at that time).

The creation of NuLoxx® Training arose from my belief that training like-minded individuals who prioritize the best interests of their clients can significantly enhance the quality of service in this industry. As establishing a proper foundation for locs can be a time-consuming task, I developed the NuLoxx® Original tool to address this issue. By utilizing my own past struggles and setbacks, I was able to construct a solution for others to achieve success with fewer setbacks. Although it can be challenging to find the silver lining in the midst of adversity, the fulfillment of helping others through similar struggles is immeasurable.

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