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Interlocking with NuLoxx Full Course

  • 40Days
  • 36Steps


NuLoxx™ is a training course focused on using the NuLoxx™ tool to create a foundation for locs. The course teaches the Interlocking Method, for locking hair in a way that achieves the desired look for clients. Interlocking is a technique used to maintain and tighten locs by weaving the hair in a pattern to create interlocking loops. It is one of several methods used for creating and maintaining locs, which are a type of hairstyle where hair is allowed to naturally mat and form into cylindrical sections. The NuLoxx™ tool is a specific tool used in conjunction with the Interlocking Method or other methods of locking hair. The training course provides instruction on how to properly use the NuLoxx™ tool to create a solid foundation for locs, ensuring that the hair is properly locked and secured. Learning how to properly lock hair can be important for individuals who offer loc services to clients. It is important to follow proper techniques and methods to ensure that the locs are created or maintained in a way that is safe, durable, and achieves the desired appearance. Taking a training course like NuLoxx™ provides individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively use the NuLoxx™ tool and other locking methods in their loc styling or maintenance services.

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